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Harness the Expertise of Commercial Electricians 

As a property owner, it’s your legal duty to keep your property safe and maintained, and that includes electrical safety. The properties within your real estate require expertly installed and maintained electrical systems to keep your property safe. Ben Wood Group are commercial electrician specialists, and our electrical engineers are equipped to handle any electrical project of any scale or size. So, whether you require an electrical installation of energy-efficient lighting or annual testing and inspections of your electrical networks, we are here to support.  


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What We Can Offer

Our unique approach to electrical installation and maintenance helps to remodel your processes and boost performance.

Electrical Services 


Electrical Inspection & Testing

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps to futureproof your property. It ensures your systems and assets are operating as effectively as possible and helps to identify risks early on so remedial work can take effect. Ben Wood Group offers bespoke maintenance packages dependent on the needs of your property/ies 

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Emergency Repairs

Our electrical engineers at Ben Wood Group respond immediately to clients’ properties when they are facing a loss of power or interruption of services due to electrical failure. Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to respond urgently to your needs.