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Fire protection and security are crucial elements of any commercial or industrial property. Here at Ben Wood Group, we take a holistic approach to fire security, understanding the unique requirements of your property and building bespoke fire safety recommendations that align with these needs. Our electrical engineers combine technical excellence with years of experience to deliver high-quality fire alarm installations, that run effectively through control panels.  


We oversee the entire process from the initial survey to electrical design, and finally the installation and commission. Over the years, we have assisted a wide range of businesses, from food retail chains to glass manufacturers, with their fire safety and protection, ensuring a rapid emergency response if the worst was to happen.  


Fire Alarm Installation

Our Fire Installation Services

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire alarms are a legal requirement for commercial and industrial properties – but they are so much more than that. Fire alarms are life-saving systems that detect fires at the earliest sign, giving that much-needed warning to any employees or guests who may be present in your property. Our engineers are experienced in installing all types of commercial fire alarm systems including heat detectors, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors, and each installation is BAFE SP203 certified.  

Each property will require a tailored approach to fire protection, and our certified engineers will undergo a fire risk assessment at your facility to determine what is needed. These assessments will investigate your existing fire detection systems and if they are fit for purpose. It will also guide which category of alarm is required and where they need to be present for earliest detection.  

For industrial facilities such as a manufacturing plant, fire presents a much higher risk and will require a higher quantity of alarms and maintenance to ensure a safe facility.  

Emergency Lighting Signs

Emergency Lighting 

Emergency lighting is a vital component of your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan and under the Fire Safety Legislation is required to be present in all non-domestic premises. When a fire alarm is triggered, your building should run an automatic response to guide all employees and visitors safely outside. The emergency lighting should light the best route for people to follow for evacuation with clear directions at all available points – every conference room, stairwell, or manufacturing floor should instantaneously light a clear path. This is especially important if you have automatic locking fire doors as there may be only one available exit. Emergency lighting can also clearly show the location of fire equipment and fire aid that may be required.  

As this is an automatic response, the electrical wiring must be expertly designed and installed so that it communicates with key triggers in your electrical system. Our team here at Ben Wood Group comprises certified electrical engineers who have years of experience installing emergency lighting in an array of properties, managing even the most complex of installations. Our team can support in recommending and designing an optimal plan for emergency lighting in your property, incorporating exit signs, recessed emergency lighting, spotlights, and so much more.  

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Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire Alarm Inspection & Maintenance

To ensure a fire alarm system works when you most need it, it must be regularly inspected to check it performs as intended. According to BA 5839, commercial fire alarm systems should be inspected at least every six months. Quarterly or even bi-monthly inspections are recommended for larger premises where there are more complex systems or fire is posed as a greater risk. Such periodic inspections and servicing enable faults to be detected and addressed to ensure the continued reliability of your system. Our engineers are on hand to guide you on best practice for your premises and industry to mitigate risk and maintain peak performance of your system, offering tailored maintenance packages to your needs.  

Security Solutions

Security Alarm Installation

Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems enable you to detect an attempted intrusion or unauthorised entry into your building or facility, with a round-the-clock detection system. Ben Wood Group supports you with a skilled and minimally disruptive installation of alarm systems from a collection of manufacturers. We have supported businesses of all shapes and sizes, from retail stores to international manufacturers, with their security needs, taking findings from a site assessment into account to recommend the best choice for your business. Beyond the initial installation, our engineers can continue to protect your property through regular maintenance of your alarm systems to ensure they continue to work as intended and react to unwanted entries.  

Security alarm installation

CCTV Systems

Protect your property and assets with the latest CCTV technology, expertly installed by qualified engineers. Our team can install an array of CCTV technology from high-definition IP security cameras to infrared imaging, all of which can be connected to central alarm systems, becoming an integrated security solution. Whether it is an office building that needs protection when vacant or an industrial warehouse that needs continuous monitoring to protect expensive equipment, our specialists can recommend and install security solutions across your site.