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 The industrial sector is mammoth and complex, and encompasses a wide range of heavy industry segments from power generation to water utilities. Businesses in this sector often utilise a variety of electrically powered equipment and the electrical network as a whole is placed under heavy strain. Therefore, a reliable electrical system plays a critical role in your industrial operations.  

Ben Wood Group offers a comprehensive range of industrial electrical services designed to meet any needs of your industrial premises.   


Industrial Electrical Systems
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Professionally Delivered Installations

To execute any electrical installation project, our dedicated engineers will work closely with your team to establish needs and run a full survey and evaluation of your facility. This process allows us to develop truly functional electrical systems that are tailored to your environment. Our capabilities in industrial installation range from an electrical installation of a new generator to cabling and containment for both new and existing industrial equipment.  


Aside from proficiently installing complex electrical systems, our designs prioritise optimisation. The industrial sector has been faced with a stark rise in energy prices that have been impacting the bottom line, and electrical systems are one area where you can prioritise leanness and energy-efficiency to promote cost savings. Whether that is installing energy-efficient lighting across your facility or constantly inspecting and maintaining systems to identify and rectify overheating, Ben Wood Group is here to support you.  

Industrial Electrical Services

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