End-to-End Installations

Comprehensive Electrical Services 

Electrics in commercial buildings comprise complex networks that deliver vital services such as machine power and lighting. A commercial electrical installation can range from implementing energy-efficient lighting to lower electricity bills to installing updated panel and distribution boards that will split any electrical power feed into multiple subsidiary circuits.  

 At Ben Wood Group, we take a tailored approach to each commercial electrical project that involves an initial consultation to establish the electrical needs of the property. From there, we draft bespoke electrical designs and calculations to tailor the chosen installation to your property.  

Photo of the electrical work completed at an ice cream store

UK Commercial Electrical Installation Regulations 

 To ensure the safety and efficiency of your property, it is crucial that electrical installations fall in line with the latest building regulations. Our electrical engineers are all fully qualified and up-to-date with the latest industry regulations to ensure your property remains compliant and safe for all occupants.  

Commercial Electrical Design

Whatever your electrical installation project may be, our specialists will ensure it is bespoke to your commercial property. The design considers the power distribution system and how to manage the flow of electricity, voltage requirements, the location of panel boards, the safety of the system, and how it can be designed to lower energy waste. Each of these considerations will be taken into account alongside your requirements to implement an electrical installation that is fit for purpose and delivers on key credentials.  

Picture of someone working on an electrical deisgn

End-To-End Commercial Electrics 

Beyond installation, Ben Wood Group can support with your long-term electrical needs.