Protect Your Property with Electrical Inspections

Skilled Inspection & Testing  

Here at Ben Wood Group, we cover all aspects of inspection and testing. We carry out all of our electrical inspection and testing work in line with the latest edition of IET wiring regulations. 

Being approved contractors, our electrical testing and inspection services ensure that all of your electrical equipment and wiring is fit for purpose and safe for use. This will not only keep you compliant with necessary legislation and safety laws, but also help to protect people from potential harm. 

We are on hand to provide testing and inspection services to meet your requirements, and our professional team can offer free advice and quotations. 

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Proven Experience to Help Guide Your Inspection & Testing

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Inspection & Testing Capabilities 

As regulations and insurance policies evolve, so do the requirements expected of electrical systems. We are up to date with the latest regulatory changes and advise you on the best route forward to ensure your building conforms to the latest wiring and electrical regulations. These detailed fixed wiring tests look for signs of damages, defects, or deterioration, after which a EICR is developed.  

Beyond traditional testing techniques, we utilise cutting-edge technology that elevates our testing and inspection service and enables us to identify issues that traditionally would be left unseen.   

  • Thermal Imaging – Our thermal imaging tool allows us to identify apparent temperature differences in industrial three-phase electrical circuits, compared to normal operating conditions. By inspecting the thermal gradients, we can immediately spot performance anomalies, that indicate overloading and overheating, which left untreated could stem into a fire risk.  
  • Data logging – Power and energy loggers enable us to conduct load studies to determine overloading or insufficient energy supply. 

Detecting Electrical Problems 

Businesses have legal obligations to adhere to the Electricity at Work Regulation and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 that ensure the safety of premises, especially the electrical safety. To add to this, insurers often require an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) in their policies to insure said property. Ben Wood Group can assist in meeting these regulations and detect any potential risks. 

Electrical-related accidents and failures often stem from one of the following: 

  • Faulty wiring  
  • Overloading 
  • Overheating 
  • Damaged cables 
  • Power surges 
  • Defective equipment  


Our engineers are experts in the field and can identify any of the above, alongside the early detection signs to prevent incidents in the first place.   

Electrical Engineer Inspection and testing

The Industries We Serve

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How Ben Wood Group Can Support You

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Optimise Commercial & Industrial Maintenance

Clients in every sector count on us to service all their electrical maintenance needs. The maintenance of your electrical wiring and equipment aligns with inspection and testing requirements and is crucial to retaining electrical safety. At Ben Wood Group, we regularly maintain electrical networks and equipment at factories, warehouses, offices, and so much more to identify and repair key risk areas.