Expert EV Charging Point Installations

Customised EV Chargers for Businesses

As the UK transitions to greener transportation methods, there is a growing demand for reliable and easily accessible EV charging points. Every organisation whether it’s an established manufacturer or a growing commercial chain needs to be prepared for the EV transition, but they will need to take a tailored approach based on their site’s requirements. Our experts at Ben Wood Group can guide you on best practice to develop an EV charging strategy that is bespoke to your business’s needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of charging solutions, alongside undertaking a full site survey of your property to determine the quantity that would be required, and if you have adequate power supply to sustain the chargers.

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As an approved and highly trained group of installers, we are able to deliver a range of EV charging solutions for a wide range of businesses.

1) Commercial EV Chargers

Commercial EV Charging Points

Meet the growing demands of electric vehicles by making charging points easily accessible at your commercial premises and attract drivers to your retail destinations. We take a flexible approach when it comes to EV charging designs and installations to adapt to the needs of your business.

2) Warehouse EV Chargers

Warehouse EV Charing Point

Electrify your fleet. If you are adopting EV vans and forklifts, our engineers can support you in installing interior and exterior charging points based on your operational needs, always prioritising a consistent power supply.


3) EV Charger Installation for Industrial Premises

EV Charger at a warehouse

If you’re an industrial business looking to decarbonise with EVs, our team can review your current power supply and see how many chargers can be supported without hindering your operations. We prioritise load balancing to ensure continuous power distribution.

4) Public Sector EV Charger Installations

Public Sector EV Charging Point for Staff

Enable your staff to charge their vehicles at work and promote greener modes of travel by having multiple charging points available at your locations. We will support you with accessible solutions for the workplace.

5) New Build Charging Points

In accordance with the Building Regulation change in 2022, every new building with associated parking (10 parking spaces) must have an EV charging point and cable routes for one in five. Our team will assess your site or proposed development designs and determine a charging strategy to align with the latest regulation.

Home EV Charging Point for New Builds

Our Process

1) Site Survey & Design
To develop an effective EV installation, our engineers will complete a thorough site survey to determine how many charging points will be required based on your needs. Alongside this, we utilise data loggers to test your power supply to ensure you have the necessary level to support the proposed EV charging points based on the predicted usage.
2) EV Charger Installation & Commission
Overseen by our project managers, we will expertly install charging points across your property, all while being minimally disruptive to your business’s operations. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality and compliant installations that meet industry standards.
3) Electrical Maintenance of EV Chargers
Our specialist will conduct regular on-site maintenance to ensure your charging points continue to operate efficiently over time. In addition, our engineers are available 24/7 to respond to urgent issues.
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Transform your property with customised EV charger solutions